Yoga Knee Pads Pack of 2

  • £20.99

Support for Knees, Wrists, Hands and Elbows, Suitable for Yoga or Pilates. 

Available in packs of 2 in either black or blue.

  • Protect your knees in yoga and pilates. This yoga pad can keep pressure off the joints when holding poses, can also be used for wrists, hands and elbows. (2 pieces included)
  • Eco-friendly & Easy to clean. This Yoga mats are made of eco-friendly PU, which is easy to wipe clean after workout.
  • Easy to carry. With reasonable size 19.5x19.5cm and lightweight 150g, we can put this yoga kneeling pad in our bag easily.
  • Anti-slip design. This yoga knee pad is perfect to use on large yoga mat, hardwood, etc.

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