What is Keto lifestyle?

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What is Keto lifestyle?! 


Keto is short for ketogenic. Therefore a keto lifestyle is someone who adheres to a ketogenic diet and undergoes long-term ketosis. 

When under ketosis the liver produces ketones which are used in the body as an energy source. These ketones are produced as a result of the breakdown of fats inside the liver. Ketosis occurs when a high portion of a diet stems from fat sources. 

CAPTION: A ketone is an organic molecule that looks like this in chemistry textbooks 

There are many benefits that come by living a keto lifestyle, such as: enhanced focus, low blood sugar levels, feeling energized, controlled eating habits and enhanced body fat loss. Other benefits also include enhanced control of epileptic fits, cholesterol, blood pressure and acne! 

CAPTION: Women can get their very own 6 pack by living a keto lifestyle(cropped from https://steemit.com/health/@rkanwal/9-women-share-exactly-what-it-took-to-sculpt-six-pack-abs-by-samantha-lefave)  

You’re probably asking how do I live a keto life-style?! Well its simple – make sure your daily food intake should comprise at least 70% fats, 25% proteins and 5% carbohydrates.  

It can be challenging to change daily eating habits and beliefs. The huge benefits of a keto lifestyle only come after months of sustaining these eating habits. That’s why KetoWorld stocks a selection of food items and gear to not help you transition into this way of life – but to sustain it over a long period.   

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