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Hello Keto friends; we hope you’re doing well! Today’s subject is one that will no doubt interest a great deal of you; Take Away food, and exactly how Keto-friendly much of it is. The short answer is similar to the one found when we ask about alcohol and it’s Keto friendliness; it’s complicated and not super easy to summarise, but we’re certainly going to try!


 Greasy Burger

The baseline assumption about most take away food is that it’s inherent “unhealthiness” comes from how fatty it often is. This is of course true in a general sense, but it might seem like a boon when you’re on a diet that prioritises it. However, ever sneaky carbohydrates often find themselves nestled away in many different types of fast food or take away standards, and usually in fairly high numbers. As with all things when it comes to Keto, you’ve got to be mindful of what it is you’re consuming, and in what amounts you consume it.


To give some very quick examples, we’ll do a run-down of what we recommend avoiding, and what we recommend looking into further. These are more general lists, but in future we will be covering individual cuisines in more detail.


What To Avoid:

  • Fast foods that are reliant on Bread or baked dough of some form, as there is a good chance they will be quite high in carbs. Burgers and Pizzas are the most obvious choices to either keep your distance from, or to have in very limited quantities at most.
  • Sweet take away desserts are a given, considering they are often not only baked but are absolutely rammed with sugar and non-Keto friendly sweeteners. Yum Yums, Doughnuts, Croissants, things of that nature.
  • Dishes that are heavily reliant on Rice and Noodles should also be avoided, particularly as they are often served with a significant portion of one of the two in comparison to the other components of the dish that might be more Keto friendly.


What To Go For:

  • Thankfully, many dishes of Indian, Chinese, Thai etc. origin either come with the option of having without rice or noodles, or in some cases may not include it at all. Dishes with a heavier focus on protein or fats are good choices here- meat based dishes or ones that make use of oils in the seasoning, for example.
  • Vegetarian dishes that focus more heavily on leafy greens or non-root veggies are also a fairly good choice here, as they avoid the high carb counts and count towards proteins without needing to rely on meat to do so.
  • Any sweet or desserts that focus more on Keto-friendly fruits such as berries, or are nut based, that may not contain as high a carbohydrate count as some other desserts. However, you will still want to be wary of just how much or how often you consume this sort of thing.



A very quick note to mention; foods that are high in MSG are something to be wary of, but not for reasons you might expect. Research as to whether it can kick someone out of ketosis in high enough amounts is currently inconclusive, but it is wildly understood that MSG is an appetite stimulant; if you eat foods heavy in it, you are likely to feel hungry again in fairly short order. With a little bit of willpower and restraint this shouldn’t be a problem, but we wanted to make note of it anyway.


Restaurant food table


As with all things of a Keto nature, the trick is mostly just keeping vigilant and making sure you know what you’re eating before you eat it. With a bit of careful research and due meal planning, you’ll be able to enjoy your Saturday Night Supper treat even if you’re going all in on a Keto diet!


Berries snacks


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