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Watch out friends - eating too much protein will take you out of ketosis.  

When there is a lot of protein in our bodies a process called gluconeogenesis will start to occur. This is the process that converts amino acids (which comes from the protein sources) into glycogen. Glycogen is a more preferable energy source in the body than ketones! Therefore this is not good as we will be out of ketosis and we won’t obtain any of the keto benefits such as enhanced body fat burn! 

So make sure you stick to the basic macronutrient levels shown below:

If you’re still unsure whether you are in ketosis or not you can measure the ketones in your body. This can be done either via a blood test, breath test and urine test. It should be stressed that this isn’t necessary and can be avoided by simply adhering the macronutrient pie chart above.  

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