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Hello fellow Keto friends, and welcome to Keto World!

Chances are good that if you’ve found our website, you might have heard the term “Keto Diet” before; you might not be 100% sure what said diet entails, however. Thankfully, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, starting with a basic introduction to the science behind the diet...

First and foremost, the Keto Diet is primarily based around a low carbohydrate diet (it is also known as simply the Low Carb Diet for this very reason). The reason for this is that a diet high in carbs produces a larger amount of Glucose, which is the easiest kind of molecule for the human body to break down and use for energy- therefore, it is prioritised over other sources of energy the body may intake. As a result, fats are stored rather then used, contributing to weight gain.

By massively reducing the intake of Glucose and prioritising fat intake, our bodies can be forced into a state known as Ketosis (which is where the diet gets one of its many names from). Ketosis is a metabolic state the body enters when food intake is low, where our livers break down fats into Ketones to be re-absorbed into the body, rather then simply storing them. Starving the body of carbohydrates is one of the safest ways to induce Ketosis, as the body is still getting a healthy calorie intake.

The obvious end result of a Keto Diet is that it leads to a greater rate of weight loss, as the body begins to burn through both stored up fat and new intake, however studies have also shown that a Keto Diet can lead to greater physical and mental health benefits in the long run.

 We hope this answers any initial questions you may have about the Keto Diet; next, we will be giving you a rough guide of what exactly you should be eating on a Keto Diet. If you have any further questions, do please get in touch with us via our contact page or directly email us at hi@ketoworld.co.uk

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