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Welcome once again Keto Friends! If you’re in need of a little something to perk you up and keep your day on track, then we have some absolutely excellent news for you; we stock an ever growing selection of herbal teas in our store! For those of you already in the know, you can find them at the following link - - but for those that might need a bit of a primer, keep reading!

You've probably heard of Herbal Teas before and may even know some by name- most likely Green Tea- but you might not immediately be familiar with how they differ from regular old Builders Tea. Well, first and foremost, milk is right out as an addition and sugar is often discouraged (doubly so in this case, given the nature of the Keto Diet), as the flavours and chemical structures of the teas are often incompatible. Secondly, they offer a much greater range of benefits to your health, both mental and physical, that put them above a strong cuppa with milk and 2 sugars.

Take for example the Green Tea we mentioned above; did you know that Green Tea can greatly increase the rate at which your body burns off fat for energy? It’s true! When combined with a balanced diet and plenty of exercise, Green Tea can shave off an additional amount of fat and reduce your waistline at a much faster rate. It’s distinct herbal flavour may take some getting used to, but it can be incredibly refreshing- especially on a cooler day, especially with a tiny bit of lemon added for additional zest!

And then there’s Chamomile Tea, one of the most healing and therapeutic drinks out there. If you’re suffering from any number of minor physical or immune system ailments- common colds, muscle aches, stomach upsets and the like- a cup of Chamomile Tea before bed can be a great booster due to it’s anti-oxidant nature. However, its benefits are not merely physical in nature; consumption of Chamomile Tea has also been linked to reduced rates of stress, insomnia, and to some degree anxiety. To call it a calming and soothing beverage is an understatement, and it makes a great companion to any well planned out Keto Diet.

If we’ve managed to convince you, do scroll back up and give that link a look, as we stock all of the teas mentioned in this blog currently. We certainly encourage giving them a try!

We hope you found this information helpful; further and more in-depth guides and tricks ‘n tips blogs will be coming in the future. If you have any further questions, we will be glad to field them over at our Contact Page or email us at

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