Drinks to choose on a Keto Lifestyle Part 2 of 2

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Welcome back, Keto Friends! This article is the immediate follow up to our previous one regarding what Drinks are compatible with a Keto diet, this time focusing exclusively on Soft Drinks and Sodas.



Soft Drinks are among the most wildly available drinks out there, and are consumed by a great many of us on blistering hot days, with hefty meals, or plain and simply because we’re thirsty and want something flavourful to quench said thirst with. The problem with this is that most soft drinks are ridiculously carb packed- in some cases, the sugar content of one 330ml can of Soda can be enough to exceed one’s daily carbohydrate limit! You may think, then, that soft drinks as a concept are entirely off limits to anyone on a Keto diet, but there are some alternatives available that skirt around the carb problem.

For starters, Sparkling Water, Seltzer Water, and Club Soda are all options available to those on a Keto diet, as they contain little to no carbohydrates at all despite their carbonated nature. They are also solid drinks to use as mixers for that exact reason, and not just with Keto-safe alcohol; a little bit of lemon juice, or sugar free flavour enhancers, can go a long way in any one of these three drinks.



Let’s say you want a specific kind of soft drink, though; one that can’t be easily replicated at home. You’re not entirely out of luck there; a great many brands of Cola, Fruit Sodas, or more esoteric and hard to define flavours of soft drink often come in both Diet and ‘Zero’/’Sugar Free’ forms, which are for the most part Keto friendly. However, as always, there are a few caveats.


Firstly, as with the Juice alternatives or Energy Drink alternatives mentioned in the last, article, you’re going to want to study the ingredients list of any given product and do your research on it first before heading out and buying it. Diet and Sugar Free drinks can occasionally contain alternative sweeteners that aren’t always compatible with a Keto diet, for one thing. For another, the ingredients list of some Diet or Sugar Free drinks can contain some otherwise not-that-great-for-you chemicals or substances that, though not directly related to the Keto diet, can still be a pretty bad idea to pump your body full of in high enough amounts.



Of course, that’s the other thing to bare in mind; moderation. As with alcohol, you will want to keep your consumption of soft drinks and sodas to a minimum, for a variety of reasons. The most obvious is that though their carbohydrate count is significantly reduced compared to regular sodas and soft drinks, they still contain some, so you’re not going to want to go overboard and start consuming them in hight amounts. Due to their often sweet and fruity nature, it’s also not uncommon for them to start inducing cravings for other sweets by proxy; no matter how strong your willpower may be, putting yourself through the torture of unnecessary cravings isn’t worth it.


We hope you’ve found these blogs helpful, and that you take the advice we’ve laid out to heart!


We hope you found this information helpful; further and more in-depth guides and tricks ‘n tips blogs will be coming in the future. If you have any further questions, we will be glad to field them over at our Contact Page or email us at hi@worldketo.co.uk

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