Drinks to choose on a Keto Lifestyle Part 1 of 2

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Hello again, Keto Friends! Today, we’d like to talk about a subject that you might not have heard covered in any significant capacity; what you are able to drink whilst on a Keto diet. You can kind of consider this a spin-off from our article on staying Keto whilst being social, which covered alcohol consumption specifically; this article, however, will be a little more general.


By now, you’ve probably got a good handle on what you can and can’t eat whilst on the Keto diet- stear clear of foods loaded with carbohydrates, eat fat heavy foods and a keep up your protein intake on the side- but with drinks, you might be a bit more unsure. It doesn’t help that there are a lot of drinks out there that are absolutely jam packed with carbohydrates and sugars that will take your body out of Ketosis if consumed in great amounts, so hopefully this little guide will help.


The first and most obvious choice is, of course, water. It’s definitely very plain, and we understand that that isn’t always appealing, but it is the safest bet to avoid intake of any energies you’re not supposed to have. If you find bog standard water boring, you can try making use of flavour enhancers or adding a dash of lemon juice to it.


Regular Juices or Squash are often absolutely jam packed with sugar or non-Keto friendly sweeteners, but there are zero-calorie, low-carb/low-sugar Juice alternatives out there that are still flavourful and will hydrate you effectively. Likewise, you can find alternative energy drinks that eradicate the ridiculously high sugar content, if that’s more your bag. However, we wholeheartedly recommend studying the ingredients lists of these Juice or Energy Drink alternatives thoroughly, and doing your research to ensure you are getting a low-carb/low-sugar product, as not all drinks that supposedly fall under that classification.


So long as they’re free of any added sugar and contain a respectable amount of milk, Coffee and Tea are also good options if you crave something hot. All the better if you’re a fan of Black Coffee or Herbal Teas that do not call for milk in their recipe at any stage, too. Just remember to avoid ordering any OTT drink concoctions from your cafe of choice.


You can even make your own low-carb smoothies at home, if you wish! You will have to avoid certain fruits or sweeteners due to their carbohydrate count, but you’d be surprised how far a few different varieties of berries, little bit of nut milk, and yoghurt can take you. You can also create savoury smoothies if you like, for example swapping out the berries for leafy greens and the yoghurt for avocado.



You may notice we didn't cover soft drinks in this article; well, that’s because there’s a bit more depth we’d like to go into on that front, to help you from accidentally drinking the wrong thing!


We hope you found this information helpful; further and more in-depth guides and tricks ‘n tips blogs will be coming in the future. If you have any further questions, we will be glad to field them over at our Contact Page or email us at hi@worldketo.co.uk

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