Exclusive KetoWorld Recipe - Kale, Almond, Coconut Detox Shake

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KetoWorld Exclusive Recipe

Kale, Almond and Coconut Detox Shake

Need a little pick me up or detox shake after a heavy night? Why not try making our Kale, Cashew and Coconut Detox shake?

To make it easier, we offer most of the ingredients here at KetoWorld, so why not click the links below to pre-order your ingredients so that they are all ready for your quick detox!

You can find out all about the health benefits of these keto friendly health foods either via our blogs or on the product descriptions.

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Almond Butterhttps://ketoworld.co.uk/collections/nut-butters/products/meridian-smooth-almond-butter-170g-1kg 

Coconut Oil: https://ketoworld.co.uk/collections/oils-at-ketoworld/products/vita-coco-organic-extra-virgin-coconut-oil-500ml


This shake couldnt be easier. In a blender, pop in the following ingredients and blend till smooth. Serve in a chilled glasss, relax and sip it slowly.

- 50g of Almonds

- 1 Tablespoon of Almond Butter

-1 Table of spoon of Coconut Oil

- A handful of Kale  (Washed and dried, do not use the storks, just the leaves)

- 200ml of Coconut Water OR 200ml of Coconut Milk

- 1 tablespoon of Coconut Cream

We hope you found this information helpful; further and more in-depth guides and tricks ‘n tips blogs will be coming in the future. If you have any further questions, we will be glad to field them over at our Contact Page or email us at hi@worldketo.co.uk

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